Outreach Portfolio

Below you will find a selection of videos Miss Martinez has produced for her students and blogs she has written while out in the field with scientists.

Miss Martinez produced this video as part of her deliverable when traveling on the E/V Nautilus. Can Sloths Do Science? is about everyone being able to do science. Please enjoy. 

Rutgers PUFINS at Sea

Miss Martinez spent 2 weeks aboard the RV Atlantis  making videos and  conducting webcasts to classrooms. Visit the website here and read blog posts here.  The team of scientists collected sediment cores to study the climate of the Holocene.

Below is a selection of videos that Miss Martinez produced for the PUFINS YouTube channel.


Miss Martinez accompanied researchers on an expedition to Barrow, Alaska and Toolik Field Station to learn about the effect of climate change on tundra vegeation. 

Why Aren't There Any Trees Around?

All About Permafrost

Ground Squirels and the Circle of Life

To the Arctic and Back Again

Port Aransas Student Field Trip

Miss Martinez worked on a project with Dr. Jason Sylvan and Dr. Virinia Edgcomb that included funding to take students on a field trip to the beach.

Expedition 360 aboard the JOIDES Resolution

Miss Martinez spent 2 months aboard the JR conducting webcasts to classrooms all around the world about deep sea drilling. Lessons she has written can be found at joidesresolution.org.

 Let's Get This (Sampling) Party Started

Microbiology in the Geology 

Thin-Sections Part 3: The Stories They Tell

Teachers: Go Ahead! Apply! Your District Will be Proud of You!*

*This post is mistakenly credited to another author, but Miss Martinez wrote it.

Yellowstone STEAM workshop

Miss Martinez attended a workshop in Yellowston National Part on integrating art into science.

Notes/Remote Learning

Visit www.youtube.com/slomothesloth for more